Volvo S60 D3: Full Review and Test Drive

Volvo hasn’t build up a strong brand image in the Indian market, and though it has some spectacular models in its lineup, it is still considered boring in comparison to other European models. We’re glad to inform, that the Swiss brand is here to do business, and the new member in the Volvo family is the cheaper, small capacity variant, the Volvo S60 D3.

Though it is the cheaper version of the stunning S60 sedan, it is far less dreary and is the right product against the Mercs and Beemers. Both the models are packed with three-cylinder diesel engine and feature automatic transmission. And at starting price of Rs 31,96,000 the Volvo is a bargain over the more fierce European competitors. The S60 D3 may just be the product that changes Volvo’s fate in Indian niche segment.


On the design prospect, the S60 is typical Volvo, which is good. It is a certain head turner, and more subtle than the Audis or Japanese cars. It has a strong on-road presence, giving it an extra edge in traffic. Just as you pass through the crowded urban streets, the spectators would go – ooh, check out the limo.

The grand logo smacking its face is a symbol of luxury, performance and a long-trusted heritage. Its coupic stance and twin piece headlamp give the S60 a standout amongst the German masses. Though it is forbidden from the swanky fog lamps, it features chrome lining on the air dams and LED running headlamps.

Volvo S60 D3
For most, the Volvo S60 shouts out class. Unlike the sporty wannabes, the S60 sports 17-inch multi-spoke alloy wheels, enhancing its coupic stance. Other more obvious features include RVM-integrated indicator lights, LED tail lamps and Volvo logo gracing the rear. On its rear is a black bumper cladding sporting the twin tail pipes.

To add a little aggressive appeal to the car, its front features Decor frame finished in matt aluminum. The RVMs, handles and bumpers are painted in body colour giving it a cohesive looks. The roof drips towards the rear end, featuring an antenna.


We have always been a fan of Volvo interiors. Though it is not loaded with features, it certainly has breathtaking class. The luxury and space featured in the S60 are of limo proportions. The equipments are well laid, there is precise attention paid to ergonomics and the two-tone finish is simply exquisite.

The most prominent features include, the leather-clad steering wheel, Charcoal/Soft Beige with Silk Metal inlay and the big chunky buttons that inspire practicality. Although owners of luxury sedans prefer taking the back seat, the S60 sedan is more built around the driver. The gearbox unit is placed over an elongated wooden base adding class to its styling. This cladding features several control switches including the AC and music player.

Volvo S60 D3 interior

For longer runs, the car has several features to keep you busy on the go. The seats compliment the exterior paint job, and features smooth leather-finished cushions. So much for the cheaper variant, the S60 D3 features safety features like laser assisted braking and active bi xenon cornering lights in the base level models as well. Power steering, AC with climate control, USB, steering mounted controls and electric sunroof also come as standard across all variants.

In terms of safety, the S60 D3 has airbags, Cruise Control, Traction Control Remote Locking, Engine immobilizer, Active Bending Headlamps and ABS.


Lets get to the real bit. Powering the S60 D3 is a 1984cc diesel engine delivering 163 bhp peak power and 400 Nm torque. Now that is about 40 bhp lower than the bigger displacement model, but its staggering torque figure won’t let you down on the drag.

The engine is super refined and delivers optimum torque at all rev ranges. It has a linear torque figure and you won’t realize when the turbo kicks in. Mated to the glorious diesel motor is a six-speed automatic gearbox, well tuned for urban streets and freeways.

Moreover, the front-engine, front-wheel-drive gives the precise understeer condition for flawless maneuvering. Power assisted steering wheel is also well responsive and very forgiving on corners. The chassis is stiff and the ride is comfortable, while the electronic supported suspension just do the job underneath.

In figures, the S60 D3 can pull from 0-100kmph in 8.9 seconds, which is impressive for a lux-sedan this sized. The diesel engine is very economic and it gives 13.2 kmpl.


Lets put it this way: The Volvo S60 D3 is a bargain over the German biggies. Though it is not well put together like the Audi, it certainly doesn’t need to. Its not the best driving machine out there, but it certainly is not a VW.

If you were to sum up all the features in a top-spec model in any brand, it would cost more in comparison to a Volvo at standard.


Volvo D3 Kinetic Diesel automatic – Rs 3,196,000
Volvo D3 Summum Diesel automatic – Rs 3,573,000

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