Volvo Teases Safety Features for 2015 XC90: Watch Video

Technological advancements had reached at an incredible height. But when it comes to safety most of them get laid back. Here’s where the Volvo comes with its terms of “safety first”. And yet the Swede had proven it too. This time, they seem to take on everyone in this new era, with so advancement made in the production spec vehicle, Geely owned carmaker will definitely give the world what they had never seen before.

Getting eager to know more about it, here is the six new features that carmaker had tested, meant to be planted on the 2015 XC90.

Best of all is the automated steering which is applied in such a way that it fills up most of the remaining features. First we want to conclude is the ‘autonomous parking’. In this one, owner needs to give the command to vehicle via its mobile app and then the car will get parked in its place without the need of driver, which is due to the aforementioned automated steering. Action will take place all in its respective technological dimension without even ramming into pedestrians and others. The same way mobile-to-car technology will work when you want to return home and want the car from that parking lot. You just need get down at the pickup zone and step back on that same spot; car will be there in front of you at the time when you need it.

Volvo Teases Safety Features for 2015 XC90

With the same automated steer system, Volvo had applied road edge and barrier detection system. Under this one may not end up swirling down the edge of tarmac while riding at highways and other country roads. The detection system keeps on detecting the road with help of camera, and sensor then sends warning signal to drive when it detects the barrier or edge ending surface, which the steering then is taken into action to make safety related action. Torque is also taken into consideration while tackling this sort of situation.

Pedestrian detection too is applied on this newbie. Well, we know this is the old school trick for Volvo and they had already applied in the other badges, so what’s new in mentioning here. Let’s explain you, the old one does not detect the human being in dark or dusky condition, but the fresh genre is capable performing its function in both of those previously lacking condition, and now it can detect animals too in that same scenario.

Looking at the list of new features, it seems endless, so we are ending up by revealing the two more features, hope one may get the things right by christening them as ‘Volvo’s Car 2 Car communication system’ and ‘adaptive cruise control with steer assist’.

Looking at the above mentioned features, it is safe to say that 2015 XC90 will be semi-drivable vehicle, which easily does its function very properly even when the driver is not fully concentrated. Hope, this much addition to the automobile fraternity may not only reduce the accident rate, but hopefully there will be no accident at all when the car companies in fraternity will have these tweaks employed on their bugs.

No doubt that new generation XC90 will be interesting to drive when it will be launched in 2014. Yes it will be catchy too in the safety assortment, apart drivetrain may also return impressive outputs.

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