Finally the details for the Volkswagen Polo R WRC have emerged

FIA is using homologation as a means to thank the sports fraternity for their love and support. In doing so, FIA had approved the Lancia Stratos which was barely a legal road car. Now following the trend, Volkswagen has been compelled to roll out 2,500 road car models of its Polo WRC. VW had presented the idea of this car last year. The car is expected to reach the market by September 2013.

Volkswagen was started in the year 1936 in Germany. Starting as a small firm, Volkswagen today has enlarged amazingly. Today VW is the 2nd largest automaker in the world behind GM. In 2010, VW had sold a total of 6.9 million vehicles which gave them a share of 11.4%. Now since long Volkswagen is occupying a share of 20% in the market. By 2014, VW is planning to increase its share in American market from 2% to 4%. It is planning to beat GM and become No. 1 by 2018.

The original Polo R WRC is a Rally Car. It was designed and developed in 2011 to compete in the World Rally Championship. The car houses a 1.6 litre turbocharged engine offering an all wheel drive. The car gives a power output of 300 PS. The car was unveiled in May 2011 and since then has stayed for 18 months under testing. Polo R WRC was sent to FIA for homologation in November 2012. The car made its racing debut finally in the 2013 season.

Volkswagen Polo R WRC

This new car, road legal Polo R WRC, is not like the original rally car. People expecting a power packed ride from the new edition might be a little disappointed. The car is equipped with a 2 litre turbo charged engine offering a front wheel drive. The maximum power output is only a 200 PS, although the car is giving a 6 speed manual transmission which is good enough for a road car.

The transition from 0kmph to 100kmph is in a span of 6.4 seconds due to sports and differential suspensions. The car is endorsing bi-xenon headlights, Cagliari wheels with a diameter of 18 inches, sports seat have WRC logos, rain and light sensors, radio navigation, climate control, cruise control etc.

Polo R WRC will be there on sale by September 2013 at a price of 33,900 Euros which is Rs 26.43 lacs. Only 2,500 units will be manufactured and distributed in Germany. The car will not make it to the Indian market.

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