Why Lamborghini Huracan Doesn’t Have Scissor Doors Like Aventador

Those who prefer Raging Bull over Prancing Horse from Italy must be surely thinking about the doors of Huracan which Lamborghini had given it in a very conventional manner, unlike the special scissor doors from Aventador.

Hopefully, there could be reason, why the successor of Gallardo that used to have the scissor doors isn’t bestowed with such an example. As per to us, the reason might be ‘practicality of the car’. We agreed, its believably right the scissor format of exiting flap to the Lamborghinis use less space and are easily workable in the parking lot, but trust us they aren’t that convenient to use as the conventional ones. And Huracan is one such example from Sant’Agata Bolognese in Italy which is purposely built for drivability on a daily basis. So, the reason seems quite clear like a Swarovski crystal that puts out why Lambo hasn’t deployed such a fitment.

Another reason to this discussion also claims Aventador costs 50% more than Huracan. Those customers clearing such huge bills would also be demanding exclusivity over the rest of line-up.

Lamborghini Aventador's Scissor Doors

Certainly, the users of a V10 Lamborghini has a different mindset as well, which may sound unusual to the large group of audience, that they prefer a more usable approach to their cars unlike the V12 customers. And Lamborghini also thinks the same way as safeguarding the use of that (scissor doors) only for V12 rather than those making purchases down the line for the assortment reasons.

Briefly using the numbers for some more explanation, aimed to those who still think – if the Gallardo can use it then why Huracan can’t, the latest Lamborghini is sold in more than 3,000 numbers within a span of ten months. On the other side, Gallardo is sold to 14,000 buyers in a decade.

Lamborghini Huracan doors

Hence, now it’s clear why Lamborghini Huracan doesn’t possess scissor doors; but still users can find many ways to relish on their most usable Lamborghini the way it is!

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