BMW M6 MotoGP Safety car unveiled

Just like Mercedes’ AMG, BMW has the M Performance, doing round as safety car in MotoGP since 2006. After the 1M and M5, the next in duty for the 2013 MotoGP Championship is the brilliant M6 Coupe.

The 1M MotoGP Safety car was unveiled at last year’s M-Festival, and is retired after one year duty of MotoGP. This year, theĀ  BMW M6 coupe will break covers at the Nurburgring, and will be in charge of MotoGP Safety from mid-season.

Appearing in a white with 3M racing livery, the M6 gets a heavy dose of upgrades with carbon fiber finish on front bumper lip, side mirrors and adjustable rear wing. Polycarbonate side and rear windows are included as well.

BMW M6 MotoGP Safety car unveiled

As a part deal with Akrapovic, the M6 Safety Car will feature special lightweight titanium race exhaust system. There is a roll cage inside the cabin to protect the structure from collapsing under a crash. Other highlights include two racing Recaro bucket seats, controls for the safety lights and an M steering wheel in Alcantara. The car features only front seat.

Power for the M6 Safety car is drawn from a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 engine, pumping out 555 PS peak power. All that horsepower is transmitted to the wheels via seven-speed M Double Clutch transmission that can pull the car from 0-100 kmph in 4 seconds.

Watch the new M6 Safety Car break covers at Nurburgring 24 hours endurance race, followed by M-Spec fan race.

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