Honda Amaze Spotted With Body Kit

Amaze’s vision surely looks to amaze in 2015, just as it had already did since the launch till date. Now, a body kit added to this small sedan of Honda, spied at its testing facility in Noida, had sparked rumours of getting launched with the RS badge apparently.

The success of Honda Mobilio RS must have been the real culprit of challenging the Japanese automaker for bringing up this new creation for Amaze as well.

Well, the smoke of this fire conveyed only minute but important cosmetic changes with that rear spoiler, exhaust finisher and side skirts. Eventually, the City too was made available at a dealership with additionally accessories (matching to RS badge). Now, the company wants to take on that trend official pocketing some additional cash apart from the standard revenue generated.

Honda Amaze Spotted With Body Kit

Last week, the Brio and Amaze both got engulfed with Honda’s AVN (Audio Video Navigation) system, where the official also cited to bring the most competitive Amaze ‘CNG’ as well. However, the diesel Amaze already delivers whopping mileage, but still a CNG could be a justified option for those thrifty urban buyers who don’t wished of spending much on the diesel trim and even gaining better bargains passing through the fuel-stations.

Hence, admitted, a good effort from the side of Honda, but the competition isn’t settled yet, as Maruti is reported of developing a Dzire facelift for the India launch soon, where no spy-shots have arrived yet.

It will be interesting to see the Amaze adding numbers to sales report just with the addition of accessories, where the nail seems to have been hammered rightly in the tug of war.

Image Courtesy: Gaadi Waadi

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