Mumbai Police unveils real time traffic route system

Traffic is a nightmare for a average Mumbaikars. According to an estimate, a person spends about 2 hours everyday stuck in the traffic of the city. The Mumbai traffic police have been trying several techniques to reduce the traffic problem in the city. In the lure of this, Mumbai police recently introduced an app that can be used to get real time traffic updates in the city. Not just through apps the Mumbai traffic police have started to issue real time traffic updates on their website in association with Traffline.

So, how does this thing work? The traffic signal system mainly relies on the 1700 GPS fitted radio taxis in the Mumbai. It sounds quite nice theoretically but does this system work? To test the claim a crew from Times of India carried out a test. They decided to take different routes in the city, and then checked how this system works in different conditions. They came up surprisingly with very accurate results at several places across the city. Overall performance of the app was quite satisfactory.

Mumbai Police unveils real time traffic route system

However, the system was unsuccessful at some places. There were several routes were radio taxis didn’t ply. Thus it was quite challenging to get information about these areas. Most possible solution could be to apply this system to more taxis. Despite of few uncovered area, this system could be quite useful in most part of the city, this is quite a useful system as it could inform commuters in advance about the traffic in the routes so that they can redirect their travel in case they didn’t want to spend some time trucked in Mumbai traffic police.

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