Royal Enfield Himalayan Accessories | Royal Enfield Genuine Motorcycle Accessories

Royal Enfield Himalayan Accessories | Royal Enfield Genuine Motorcycle Accessories

Do have a look at the curated list of Royal Enfield Himalayan Accessories. All the accessories covered in this video are genuine accessories from Royal Enfield and we have mentioned the details of each along with the pricing and part numbers.

Here is the list of Royal Enfield Himalayan Genuine Accessories:


Over long expeditions, carrying luggage has been cumbersome for you with the desi jugad of ropes and waterproof sheets. Then you should definitely consider customizing  your HImalayan with these Panniers. These Panniers boast a rugged look and complements the go anywhere, style statement of the off roading tourer bike. The Panniers are made out of aluminium and they have a volumetric capacity of 26 litres. It also comes with top mounts, to strap down the additional luggage. 

Surely, this accessory might seem a little expensive, but it definitely serves its purpose and the rugged built quality, totally justifies its cost. 

Pannier Rails

The Panniers will require mounting rails in order to be installed on a Himalayan, the rails will have to be purchased additionally from  Royal Enfield. The rails are made out of thick 18mm mild steel tubes, to offer a rugged and long lasting build quality. The rails are also powdered coated for long term durability and to avoid rusting. 

Water Resistant Bags

These water resistant bags are designed to fit perfectly inside the panniers. These bags come with royal enfield branding on either side of the bag. The exact volumetric capacity is not mentioned on the website, however considering the size of the panniers, these bags look large enough to store luggage enough for a weekend trip. 

Adventure Handguards

Royal Enfield’s adventure handguards offer a comfortable riding experience over long journeys, as it acts as a wind deflector and prevents fatigue. However, the handguards are primarily a protective accessory, and it keeps the hand safe in case of a collision or a fall. The handguards increase the riding confidence over rough terrain. 

These handguards are compatible with all other Royal Enfield motorcycles too, but only with the OEM handlebar and not any aftermarket ones. 

Adventure Handlebars

To treat your Himalayan with a distinctive and retro look, you can get the Adventure handlebars which are lighter in weight as compared to the stock handlebars by 20%, while offering more strength due to the added brace. The bars also get a clean white Royal Enfield branding.

Bar End Finishers

These handlebars can further be customized with bar end finishers, which are designed specifically for these handlebars. Keep in mind that these bar end finishers are not compatible with the stock handlebars and can only be installed on the adventure handlebars. 

Touring Seats

Touring on your Himalayan, you are going to be spending a lot of hours on the seats, so to treat yourself with some extra comfort, you can consider getting the Touring Seats from Royal Enfield. The touring seats for the Himalayan have been designed, such that it looks rugged visually, but on the contrary, it is a much more comfortable seat than the stock ones. The touring seats benefit from the 3D net technology that Royal Enfield uses for even weight distribution and air flow. These seats are also available for the pillion and can be purchased additionally. 

Oil Cooler Guard

Royal Enfield offers quite a few protective accessories to keep the components of the motorcycle protected. One such accessory is the Oil Cooler guard, this guard is made out of aluminium and it protects the component from rocks, dirt and debris. The guard ensures a smooth and vital radiator air flow, while protecting the oil cooler. The guard is available in silver and black colour. 

Engine Guard

Considering the adventure and thrill seeking nature of the Himalayan, one of the first protection accessories that must be installed on the Himalayan, is the engine guard. 

The engine guard protects the exterior components of the engine from any impact. The guard proves their utility over off road terrain, as in case of a fall, the engine guard absorbs most of the impact, keeping engine components safe.

Royal Enfield is offering two engine guards for the Himalayan, a compact & a large sized engine guard. The himalayan is only offered with a black coloured engine guard, unlike other Royal Enfield motorcycles. The large sized engine guard comes at a slight premium over the compact one, but it is surely worth the price.

Master Cylinder Guard

Next protective accessory is the master cylinder guard, to keep the exposed master brake cylinder safe from any impacts, Royal Enfield offers the master cylinder guard. Just like the oil cooler guard, this too is made out of aluminium and is offered in two colours, black and silver.  

Master Cylinder Reservoir Cap

To add a styling element to your Himalayan, you can upgrade your front master cylinder reservoir cap. These caps are machined from billet aluminium and they come with an anodized finish for long term durability and styling. The reservoir cap is available in shades of black & silver.

Water Resistant Body Cover

If your Himalayan is parked out in the open, then you should definitely consider getting this water resistant body cover. The body cover saves your bike from unwanted scratches, fading paintwork and rust issues. 

Below are the details of all the above accessories with their price and part numbers

Royal Enfield Himalayan Accessories:

  • Panniers
    Rs 29900/ Part No. 1990200
  • Pannier Rails
    Rs 3800/ Part No. 1990201
  • Body Cover
    Rs 1100/ Part No. 1990642
  • Bar End Finishers
    Rs 1200/ Part No. 1990220
  • Black Touring Seat
    Rs 3050/ Part No. 1990208
  • Oil Cooler Guard
    Rs 1250/ Part No. 1990245 
  • Water Resistant Bags
    Rs 2750/ Part No. 1990252
  • Adventure Handlebar
    Rs 3550/ Part No. 1990206
  • Adventure Handguard
    Rs 2550/ Part No. 1990211
  • Master Cylinder Guard
    Rs 700/ Part No. 1990219
  • Black Large Engine Guard
    Rs 1650/ Part No. 1990205
  • Black Compact Engine Guard
    Rs 1450/ Part No. 1990204

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