SIAM Introduces a New Recall Policy in Favor of Indian Car Buyers

SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers) introduces a new recall policy in favour of Indian car buyers. It is believed that some of the car buyers face lot of technical issues after buying because of the default technical glitches in the car. This new policy is mainly recommended for proven violations by car manufacturers.

Under the new Recall Policy, all Indian car manufacturers will have to follow standard procedures and testing methods to test and validate any kind of manufacturing defects in the car. The same applies to the entire range of vehicles in the Indian market, from two-wheelers to commercial vehicles. Any kind of technical or engineering defect mainly concerned with safety is of top most priority. Hence, the new policy works to ensure safety of drivers and passengers.

SIAM Introduces a New Recall Policy in Favor of Indian Car Buyers

The Recall Policy will cover testing and validating of vehicles within seven years of manufacture. Supporting the favourable policy, the SIAM President S Sandilya said, “The policy is a consensus of all the members and is another initiative towards our commitment to automotive quality and responsibility. All companies based in India will adhere to it voluntarily to rectify defects and secure their own brand image.” He also added, “In case a manufacturer fails to announce a recall, where clear evidence is available as per the definition and guidelines, then the government or its concerned ministry may issue appropriate directions to the vehicle manufacturers for such violation.”

To ensure safety of Indian car buyers, the government is also working in lines with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This is a government body in USA that investigate consumer complaints to pass compulsory notifications and orders to car manufacturers. The Indian government is following the same trend to address all sorts of automotive issues in the country.

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