Ford EcoSport with Daytime Running LED Launched In India

Ford EcoSport is touching new heights every day, but those who had already owned it, or planning to have soon, here is a good news for them.

The compact SUV of Ford is now dwelled with “daytime running lights” for an additional sum of Rs 14,000. The feature is included in the accessory list, and not as a standard in the package.

However, the car is boasting enough enthusiasm amongst audience for its candy-ish looks – mixed with toughness. An addition of LED will be like a strawberry topping on the vanilla cake.

Ford EcoSport

Given amount of Rs 14k is inclusive of LED DRLs along with wiring and warranty. Ford calls the headlamps equipped with DRLs as “Signature Headlamps” in the accessory list.

The DRL will be embedded inside the headlamp cluster in form of a thin line.

Ford EcoSport New
It is no surprise that the Ford too sells EcoSport abroad with sunroof and LED as a part of the package. Here, days earlier, at the Delhi Auto Expo we spotted the EcoSport with a sunroof too, where the carmaker is about to make its debut soon in India, but (sunroof) as an accessory.

No changes reported on the technical front; continues to do with the 1.0L EcoBoost (petrol), 1.5L Ti-VCT (petrol) and 1.5L TDCi (diesel).

Ford EcoSport 2014

Ford EcoSport waiting period might get extended

Ford EcoSport, the compact SUV that had recently been launched by the company has done exceptionally well in the market. Ford is not being able to meet the production targets of the car due to material shortage as a result of which the waiting period of the car is expected to be extended up to eight months. The head of Ford India, Nigel Harris, pointed out during the launch of Ford Figo compact sedan that their third shift of the Chennai plant has not yet kicked off due to lack of availability of certain materials. He has pointed out that the company is constantly trying to find different ways of increasing their production.

Nigel has said that though the company wants to increase its production and also start the third shift, it will not be possible for them to do so without materials. In order to meet their current demands, they will need to know the kind of material they have. It is evident that without material supplies like metal parts, trims and other basic items, Ford India cannot even think of starting the third shift since they are already facing trouble running the second shift. Approximately 350 EcoSports are produced by the company in a single shift.

Ford EcoSport

Looking at the situation of the company, dealers are not taking bookings for the diesel or automatic variant. With a booking of over 60,000 EcoSports, Ford India might stop the bookings for the period in order to meet the outburst of demand.

DC Customized Ford EcoSport

Ford EcoSport is getting better day by day. DC now plunged in between the game to tweak up the famous Ford EcoSport, where final product from its bay can be seen on our screen below.

It can be noticed that front bumpers of EcoSport is been completely replaced by a new one that has larger air dam, which we find it of unnecessary use. Headlight cutout is been tweaked with a strip of daytime running LEDs that has signal indicator, and a couple of lamps are placed on each side of the front bumpers to complement the looks for an rugged SUV.

Interiors also witnessed the straw of changes. Ample of LED screen, five-seating capacity now been chopped for four in the format of 2+2, rear passengers delighted with the dose of large LED entertainment and a lot more. The famous cue of DC: ‘reclining seat at rear’ doesn’t make an exception here, with co-driver seat being folded completely for the said feature.

DC Customized Ford EcoSport front

Leather like oomph and the spaceship resembling front console has stolen the aura of original EcoSport completely. At the time of writing we weren’t delivered the exact specification about this car, and also nor its pricing. We will surely update our blog as soon as it may get delivered to our desk.

DC Design Ford EcoSport Interior

Ford EcoSport’s Waiting Period Stretches to 180 Days

Launched at the price of Rs. 5.59 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi) Ford EcoSport is worth buying a one in India, as what it is considered by many of the locals here over the mass selling hatchbacks. And to gain most of it at the same time, the booking of EcoSport had been clogged with waiting period. To be true the waiting period is now stretched to 180 days (or six months), says IndianAutosBlog.

The waiting tenure of 180 days is posted on the petrol version of Ford’s compact SUV, and even automatic version is also not being spared here after being priced so heavily.

On the other side of flip, the diesel version is garnered by quite few buyers than the gasoline, as seen in the posted image the waiting period on it is of maximum 90 days.

Ford EcoSport's Waiting Period Stretches to 180 Days
As per to one of the Ford dealers, automatic transmission had contributed a lot to the chunk of overwhelming sales report.

On comparison, the base petrol models, Ambiente and Trend, are relatively having the higher demand than diesel ones. The waiting period in petrol version is varying difference of 60 days in-between due to the color availability.

Ford EcoSport
Ford officially had announced EcoSport had received 30,000 bookings within 17 days from the launch. Meanwhile, the EcoSport is also been doing good, waiting period of 90-150 days on it concludes it all.

Image Courtesy: IAB.

Diesel variants of Ford EcoSport being recalled

Ford EcoSport was one of the most anticipated cars of the year. The car was unveiled for the Indian market in March 2013 and was due an official launch in June. Although now Ford India, who all this while sounded very confident about their EcoSport, has announced that it will be recalling the car from the market. The reason behind this has been explained as a mal functioning in one of the instruments which facilitates the car start up.

On this Thursday, Ford India gave a statement on this product recall saying that “As part of routine checks, we discovered a potential concern with EcoSport diesel variants related to the Glow Plug Module which requires relocating the module. We are contacting customers to take their vehicle to their Ford dealership to have the work carried out.” However the company has not given any information about the number of units that will be recalled.

Ford India also clarified that this step is a preventive measure it has taken. So far no incidents have occurred or complaints have been received regarding this defect. Ford India, in order to ensure its customer’s comfort and safety, is willingly recalling the cars from the market. The existing EcoSport customers can get their cars fixed at any Ford dealership.

Ford EcoSport
EcoSport was launched last month and is available at a price of Rs 5.59 lacs. This car is available in 3 variants differing in their engine design. EcoSport comes with a 1.5 litre petrol engine, 1.5 litre diesel engine and 1 litre petrol with Eco boost technology.

The problem has been spotted in the diesel variant, whose current market price is Rs 6.69 lacs. The other 2 variants will continue to be on sale. The 1 litre ecoboost petrol variant is available at a price of Rs 7.9 lacs while the 1.5 litre petrol engine is offered at a price of Rs 5.59 lacs.

Ford India has started EcoSport manufacturing at its Chennai unit with an investment of $142 million. The company is setting up a new plant in Sanand in Gujarat with an investment of $1 billion. The plant will start its production by 2014. With both the plants in use, Ford India will have an annual output of 4.4 lacs cars and 6.4 lacs engines.

How Ford has Priced EcoSport so Efficiently? Secrets Revealed!

Ford EcoSport is still in the hype media even after catering a successful launch and test drive. But though news doesn’t stop pouring in, as we hope Indians are addicted to it and want more and more bits for the same model plate. Hence, we share some exciting bits about the pricing of EcoSport, and also how the Ford had achieved this sort of temperament without compromising on its quality.

According to one of the leading media house, Ford had played the back-end ace with this compact SUV and it is completely revealed by the officials of Blue Oval marked automaker in an interview with them. In the crisp cross, Joginder Singh, president and managing director, Ford India, had spilled the beans in two forms: first ‘the global platform’, second ‘economies of scale’.

Going deep into these terminologies it was revealed, platform of Ford EcoSport is not an India specific but instead it is made for the emerged and the emerging markets – both. So there is no cost included in the R&D scenario from the Ford’s end to give Indians a newbie that too in the aspiring segment of their respective automobile fraternity (specifically the compact SUV). On the other side of same coin named ‘global platform’ the American carmaker had tested only ‘features’, concluding which will go best for Indians in this particular car, and hence SYNC is termed as an outcome of the same. Hopefully, till this notch Ford had made the impressive statement, let’s see what the organization had to say on the latter term. And no to disappointment, we can also some expect more of the products on same EcoSport platform if the recently launched product doesn’t tend to do its job properly. But it looks the cost-to-price ratio of newbie is definitely going to make the conditions better for Ford here.

Ford EcoSport

Lest, moving onto the second term conveyed ‘economies of scale’, we learnt Detroit based carmaker also had plans for exporting EcoSport from the Indian shores to countries like Australia, New Zealand and even some parts of Europe. So the production will be carried out in large numbers at Indian manufacturing unit. As a result, the cost of production will ultimately go to the lowest possible point with these much of numbers being produced at one place. Mr. Singh then further explained the pricing of EcoSport was decided too early than the production could take place, knowing the fact Indian bay has to pump out maximum number of vehicles to meet the demand of other international markets apart from its local ones. Moreover, the local content had also made the costing line to dip a quite low than the targeted expectations. Approximately as per to the officials, EcoSport boasts around 80% of local content in the production specific.

Well, these facts would have remained unknown if that media house wouldn’t have cracked the words with top officials of Ford. Now, one can churlishly draw his piece of EcoSport from the showrooms and can feast upon it without worrying that automaker had harnessed the quality of car while downsizing its ‘price quotient’.


Ford EcoSport to Launch on 26th June 2013

Finally after the lot of speculation, we got a chance to get closer with the launch of Ford EcoSport. This time grass is looking greener than before, and we had all the reasons to prove it right in terms of speculations.

We recently learnt that Alan Mulally, Ford President and Chief Executive Officer who recently flew down to India will be there for the rollout, which is expected to happen on 26th June 2013. Smelled, Ford to carry out this launch in Delhi, and rumor follows other metro cities may get the same dose on further dates. Well, we too hope that Ford now will reveal the complete product in the market, not leaving price to be there under cover for more of the time yet.

“The EcoSport looks fantastic. The Chennai team, together with our supplier partners, have done an outstanding job in delivering our customers a great looking, fuel efficient, safe, compact utility vehicle with impressive functionality and connectivity, at a very affordable price,” said Mulally, who was recently in Chennai to congratulate Ford employees on the first EcoSport shipments.

Ford EcoSport
Already known much about it, but still confirming once again, 1.0L turbocharged EcoBoost engine is also going to debut in India with EcoSport that had already claimed a lot of accolades on its name throughout the world. It will be interesting to see how we locals will perceive it performing on the crumbling yet almost broken Indian roads. Escorting the EcoBoost will be the normally tuned 1.5L petrol and diesel engines to compete various segments more aggressively here.

This and again, we say it may be the last speculation for EcoSport, and the next time we emerged to you with this topic will be given down with the launch invitation in our hands.

You can now book a Ford EcoSport

Ford motor company produces cars that suit every occasion and person. Eco sport is a Ford car that suits the style and adventure needs of an individual. This 2nd generation SUV was first presented in India in 2012 and since then was being anticipated by the people. Finally the news has reached media that Ford is taking bookings for Eco sport with a booking amount of 50,000 rupees. This has been confirmed by their page on Facebook that even directs the people, interested in buying, to the dealer’s website.

The first generation Ford Ecosport was first launched in Brazil and since then has been one of the most preferred cars in Brazil. Ecosport has been a very successful venture with selling over 70,000 cars in 2011 in the global market. The only competitors it sees are the Volkswagen CrossFox and Fiat Palio weekend adventure.

Luckily India is among those few countries that will first receive the second generation Eco sport. The latest version designed for India was revealed in March 2013 in the magnificent city of Mumbai. Though the car was unveiled its official entry into the market was still a question unanswered. But now with the booking orders being placed the launch is expected to be any time soon.

Ford EcoSport
Although the bookings are being done but it is still not clear when this car will reach the market. Although it is being said that the much awaited launch will be in the month of June.

Let’s hope that Ecosport reaches the market so that more of the Indians can get their favourite sport SUV once and for all.

Ford Has High Expectations for EcoSport: Sales Report

Nearing the launch of EcoSport, Ford now seems a bit worried. Just the last month i.e. in May 2013 carmaker sold 5,993 vehicles inclusive of domestic as well as exports. As learnt, the high rates of interest had played the major spoilsport in this declining sales figure. However, exports posted a growth of 18% in the last month, increased to 1,991 units from 1,693 units that were registered in the same period of last year.

In spite of such drawbacks, the occasion of Akshay Tritiya had brought in prosperity for the model plates like Ford Figo and Classic. The upcoming series of MyEndeavour alterrain on National Geographic channel is also expected to boost the demand of newly launched Endeavour Alterrain edition which is a cosmetic makeover to the existing SUV. Moreover, Ford also had plans of grabbing more of the territories with the upcoming new facilities in Nalgonda, Andhra Pradesh, apart from the existing 260 sales and service outlets across 138 cities in India.

Ford EcoSport
Lending his comment on this stowed back posture, Anurag Mehrotra, Vice President, Sales, Ford India said, “Despite the difficult industry situation we are confident of the long-term potential of the Indian market, stronger export sales are a clear sign that our One Ford plan is working with more products that consumers want and value.” Hence, it seems the carmaker has high hopes on the EcoSport, which is slated to launch by mid of this month. “With our aggressive expansion plans and the introduction of exciting new global products and technologies in India, we’re reiterating our commitment to the region,” concluded Mr. Mehrotra.

Ford EcoSport India Launch to Happen by Next Month: Official

Ford EcoSport seems to have broken the records in rendering speculations and rumors on internet, and elsewhere too, but now it looks like those days are getting over, grass tending to be greener than before, as the officials of American carmaker had confirmed launch may happen by next month (i.e. June 2013) in India to those interested buyers who choose to walk into their showroom for some rough derivations on their futuristic buyout perception.

Yes, it was just last week when the media house had been bestowed with the test ride in Goa, the particular event also witnessed 150 experts and media personnel from other countries as well, just to confirm everything is fit and fine for the nearby slated roll-out. Must say, all of the things would have went well, not much of the negativities reflected, hence the futuristic way tends to be clear, as straight from the house of hell for the bats to escape heat furiously.

Ford EcoSport
As learnt, Ford EcoSport will be made available in the options of 1.5L turbocharged diesel, 1.5L petrol and 1.0L turbocharged award winning (petrol) EcoBoost, simply striding enough to give in sleepless night to that of names like Duster and such. Ambiente, Trend, Titanium and Titanium Plus are the three trims selected to make most of the affectionate bindings with audience, whilst of also the option to choose from 6 speed PowerShift dual clutch automatic transmission in one of the trims.

Though, the marketing campaigns of EcoSport are doing great in the present scenario, and had also created enough amount of bizarre for inclining suitable padding for the launch to happen. Also, the reports from international market had kept trending positive responses too, that had been a massive source of motivational to keep the momentum going in organization. Meanwhile, those international experts and media personnel also seem satisfied with this bug, and hence we see Ford to keep gleaming at all times. Yet, no official press releases from the makers have been dropped into our mailboxes, but we assure, to update you as soon as it will happen.