Tata Motors’ Counsel States West Bengal Government’s Affidavit to be Misleading

The counsel for Tata Motors, Samaraditya Pal recently held that affidavit filed by the government of West Bengal against their petition challenging the 2011 Singur Land Act was misleading. This move by the Tata Motors counsel counters the move taken by the government of West Bengal, in claiming that the petition had misleading facts.

Pal said that according to the affidavit, the petitioner or Tata Motors breached agreement, as it was misleading and did not state the facts correctly. Pal added that Tata Motors was forced to leave as West Bengal did not create a hospitable environment for the industry.

He also said that Tata Motors had earlier on said that they would choose another land alternative if they found that the state offered a hospital environment. However, the company failed to commission the Singur project, but they did not fail at using the land.

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