Tata Motors makes its entry into Bangladesh

Tata Motors has declared that it ahs made entry in the Bangladesh new car zone with the introduction of its three innovative vehicles comprising hatchback Indica Vista and two sedans Indigo eCS and Indigo Manza.

In a declaration, the homegrown automobile giant stated, “The company today made its foray in the Bangladeshi automobile market, launching two sedans and a hatchback.”

To start with, the newly launched vehicles that comprise hatchback Indica Vista and two sedans Indigo eCS and Indigo Manza, will be accessible in the capital and major city of Bangladesh with a single showroom.

Tata Motors makes its entry into Bangladesh

In addition, 3 other Bangladeshi cities will be covered up with one franchise each by the coming year (2013), the statement added up.

Tata Motors Managing Director Karl Slym stated, “We are pleased and privileged to make entry in Bangladesh market with our passenger vehicles. Our forty year relationship with the country has offered us an insight into the ambition of the nation’s automobilists.”

The company already has its presence in Bangladesh with its array of commercial vehicles since the year 1972, Karl Slym added up.

The Mumbai-based automobile giant has nominated NITOL Motors as its vehicle distributors for the new market.

NITOL Motors Chairman Abdul Matlub Ahmad stated, “Our connection with the company goes back more than two decades and we are very contented that besides commercial vehicles, the company has now positioned their poise in us to market their passenger vehicles and utility vehicles.”

“There are about 53,000 Tata commercial vehicles on Bangladesh roads. The firm is today the market head with a 70% market share,” the company added up.

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