Tata Motors showcases six new high-powered construction vehicles from its ConsTruck range

Tata Motors yesterday showcased six new high powered construction vehicles from its ConsTruck range of Commercial Vehicles at the EXCON 2013. Among these were three new offerings from its Prima LX range. Driven by powerful and fuel-efficient engines, these trucks deliver an ideal combination of power and economy, catering to the construction & mining industry. The new displays from the Tata Motors ConsTruck range include –

  • The Tata Prima 3138.K – a powerful vehicle ideal for heavy duty mining application
  • Tata LPK 3118 8X2 Haulage tipper – has been specially designed for long-haul surface transport applications and has a sleeper cabin for added comfort for the driver
  • Tata LPK 3723 10×4 – a 10 Cum RMC (Ready Mix Concrete) body – the only vehicle to qualify in the segment of 10 Cum Transit mixer application

From the Tata Prima LX range – Tata Motors showcased new tippers in the 25 tonne to 31 tonne segment, with engine capacities in the 230 hp to 280 hp power range

Tata Motors ConsTruck

  • Tata Prima LX 2523.K – for mining and construction application
  • Tata Prima LX 3123.K – for construction application and surface transport
  • Tata Prima LX 2528.K – for heavy duty mining and construction application

Engineered to address the need for higher productivity and profitability of the construction industry, the new Tata ConsTruck range of vehicles is designed and built specifically to offer the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). The range offers – better KMPL (Kilometer Per Litre), best vehicle uptime, highest resale value, best-in-class warranty and lowest maintenance cost.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Vinod Sahay – Head (Sales & Marketing), Medium & Heavy Commercial Vehicles, Tata Motors, said, “At Tata Motors we see a specific requirement coming in from the construction industry, for higher tonnage surface transport, as well as for higher capacity mixers. The new vehicles from Tata Motors ConsTruck range, is a result of the company working closely with customers with a futuristic approach, for better profit advantage, in a challenging and competitive transport environment. At Tata Motors, we strive to enhance customer experience by offering unmatched benefits of a Tata Truck- best lifecycle cost, longer service runs and enhanced levels of driver comfort, resulting in best-in-class profitability and lowest payback period for operators.”

The new vehicles showcased are backed by a Standard Warranty of 4 years / 4 lakhs kms / 4000 hrs, supported by Tata Motors’ extensive dealership & service network of over 1600 touch points. On the highways of India, there is a Tata Motors’ touchpoint every 50 kms. Tata Motors has also Increased Service Intervals for its vehicle aggregates.

Similarly, for a relatively small amount, Tata Motors launched Tata Alert, where drivers will receive on-site breakdown assistance within 4 hours of dialing a toll-free helpline number. The company has also the first time introduced a Triple Benefit Insurance, against vehicle damages.

Tata Prima 3138.K has been built specifically for deep mining in coal, iron ore, lignite mines and for bulk limestone movement in off-road applications. The Tata Prima 3138.K is a 4-axle, 31-tonne GVW tipper with a 9-speed Eaton manual transmission. This 8X4 tipper is powered by the Cummins ISLe CRDi engine which has a maximum power of 380 HP. Its special features include new generation brakes, ABS and hub reduction axle specially designed for mining operations. The 19 Cum Hardox Rock body is specially designed for overburden in coal, iron, and limestone applications. Prima 3138.K has a spacious air-conditioned non-sleeper cabin with pneumatically adjustable seats and an adjustable steering wheel, for enhanced driver comfort. The vehicle also features engine diagnostic system & monitoring of running parameters which helps efficient operations, enhancing vehicle uptime.

Tata LPK 3118 8×2 Haulage Tipper is a 4-axle (steerable front axles) tipper, specially developed for surface transportation application of coal supply, earth work, aggregate/sand movement, road construction and port & industrial handling. The Tata LPK 3118 is powered by the Tata Cummins 183 HP engine, proven Tata G-1150 gearbox and delivers best-in-class torque of 680 NM at 1400 RPM. Tata LPK 3118 also has the lowest turning radius and highest gradeability, which makes it an efficient performer. Tata LPK 3118 is available in 18 cum (cubic metre) box-type body, in a tipper version. The sleeper cabin is designed to give full driving comfort while operating in long lead application.

Tata LPK 3723 10×4 RMC is the first 5-axle transit mixer suitable for 9/10 cum drum capacity in the country. This vehicle can carry around 5 tonnes more than the existing 31 tonne RMC vehicles. A stronger vehicle frame with riveted and bolted cross members, coupled with heavy duty rear axles, further enhances its higher load carrying capacity. LPK 3723 10×4 RMC is powered by a Cummins 6BT 5.9L engine that delivers 215 HP at 2500RPM. It has twin steerable front axles, a twin-drive axle and a tag-lift axle making it the only RMC to have such a technology, which reduces tyre and fuel costs. The turning circle diameter of 21.9 meters makes it more maneuverable. With gradeability of 23.7% this vehicle is set to perform in off-road applications as well.

The new Tata Prima – LX range consists of Tippers from 25 tonne to 31 tonne and engine capacities from 230 hp to 280 hp. This range is specially developed to extend the Prima advantage to a larger customer base who require optimum power-to-weight ratio and fuel efficient tippers. The Prima LX range is a heavy duty range, with unmatched combination of power and economy, powered by a Cummins ISBe 6.7 electronic engine, with a common rail injection system that delivers best-in-class fuel efficiency. Fitted with a G-1150 9-speed gearbox from Tata Motors, these vehicles are also coupled with heavy-duty RA109 rear axle and a larger 430 mm diameter organic clutch for efficient power transmission. The complete driveline is configured to deliver best-in-class mileage. This range also features an engine diagnostic system and monitoring of running parameters, which helps in efficient operation and enhanced vehicle uptime. Cabins of the Prima LX range come with a 4-point suspension, for reduced noise and vibration levels, high level of safety and an optional air-conditioning unit that adds to the comfort to the driver.

Tata Prima LX 2523.K is an ideal combination of power and economy for mining and construction application. It is powered by a Cummins ISBe 6.7 CRDI BSIII engine that offers best-in-class fuel efficiency and performance, delivering 900 Nm at 1700 rpm. It has a 430 mm clutch dia, providing larger frictional area and a high clutch life, along with the proven Tata G1150 9-speed gear box, for best-in-class gradeability and mileage. The Tata Prima LX 2523.K comes with the Tata RA 109 rear-axle to support high load-bearing capacity. The other features include a common rail fuel injection system for better fuel efficiency and longer life.

Tata Prima LX 2528.K is an ideal combination of power and economy for mining and construction application. Built specifically for off-road mining applications, the Tata Prima LX 2528.K is considered as a tough performer that can successfully tackle every challenge in heavy-duty operations. Its high level of robustness is due to its stronger chassis, specially designed 1200 X 24 mining tyres and durable suspension. A reliable powertrain ensures that possible loss of power or dissipation from the engine to the wheels is mitigated and kept at a minimum, thereby increasing efficiency. It is powered by a Cummins ISBe 6.7 CRDI BSIII engine, which has a maximum power of 230 HP. The product features includes a Tata G1150 9 Speed Gear Box, Tata Motors Heavy Duty Bogie suspension, chassis frame, single plate push type organic clutch.

Tata Prima LX 3123.K is an ideal combination of power and economy for construction application and surface transport. It is powered by Cummins ISBe 6.7 CRDI BSIII engine which has a maximum power of 230 HP. The product features includes Proven Tata G1150 9 Speed Gear Box, Single Plate Push Type Organic Clutch, Tata RA 109 rear axle. It has a wider cabin with 4-point mounting for superior ride and comfort, power window, adequate storage compartments and pneumatically suspended driver seat.

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