Toyota confirmed ‘Daihatsu Rush’ compact SUV for India launch: Report

Well, we were just talking intensively about the compact SUV segment in our recent post, and how it is being catching up rapidly in our country. To the latest, a report on internet now confirmed that Toyota too jumped into the compact SUV fray of India, and decided to launch Daihatsu Rush (which is being sold in other Asian countries) soon.

Though, the report didn’t mention from which of the source they had garnered this bit of information. But speculating the market scenario and the recent comments of some Toyota official which were made on their Indian trip, it seems true for the brand to be aspiring a vehicle like this for our market.

Making known, Daihatsu is a subsidiary brand of Toyota, like the Dacia of Renault, for competing the cost efficient products.

Toyota confirmed 'Daihatsu Rush' compact SUV for India launch

To addition, the Rush is offered in 5 or 7 seating options in some of the markets.

No to doubts, the number of ‘diesel and petrol’ engines will be engulfing its bay. And for the exception in excise duties, it may happen that Toyota would use the 1.4 L diesel engine from Corolla.

However, a strong speculation lies that Toyota may showcase the compact SUV at 2014 Delhi Auto Expo in Noida.

Till the event happens, we can only watch the clock to be ticking rightly for the Japanese carmaker to schedule the delightful product for our market.

Source: Fly-Wheel

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