Land Rover DC100 Expedition concept unveiled before New York Auto Show

This new concept shows off a possible design direction towards the next generation of Land Rover Defender. Although the new Defender isn’t suppose to come until 2015, but we sure got a glimpse of the looks it could possibly be coming with, in future. This happened with the showcasing of the open top DC100 Sports concept and hard top DC100 concept car in the 2011 Frankfurt motor show.

This concept car has a V-8 petrol engine that sounds very tempting to accelerate, while on the circuit at a low speed the engine response is formidable. But as per the Land Rover experts this is strictly a concept model for viewing purpose only but not a true copy of a production car’s maneuverability efficiency. But as per the experts, if this so specified concept model for viewing only purpose can drive around at a low speed on the road copy circuits in such a smooth manner, the refined version would be the best considering there is still more than a year to work on this concept before the real deal comes on the show.

Land Rover DC100 Expedition concept

The slightly higher position of seats compared to the Land Rover Freelander and Range Rover Evoque will definitely give the driver and passenger an advantage when it will come to looking around at a larger area with fewer blind spots in front of the driver and beside as well. With a superb view of outside and a light-full of airy cockpit this has no such safety kits inside, around the pillars of windscreen to restrict visibility. The huge glass roof on the top gives the cabin a feel of airiness and space, this roof can extend back over the rear windshield to the boot space on the rear. Although its boot space is a bit small and with the rear space having double benches on either side in the same disposition as of the current Defender makes it more comfortable.

With new white and orange exterior the DC100 Expedition Concept looks ravishing but it also reminds me of the KTM bikes with the same color pattern. The levers and switches inside the cabin of this concept vehicle aren’t functional yet; however, the dashboard looks smart and simple. A gear-leaver mounted on the dash is a classy touch to this concept as well as it makes it apart from the previous Land Rovers.

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