Ford EcoSport’s Waiting Period Stretches to 180 Days

Launched at the price of Rs. 5.59 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi) Ford EcoSport is worth buying a one in India, as what it is considered by many of the locals here over the mass selling hatchbacks. And to gain most of it at the same time, the booking of EcoSport had been clogged with waiting period. To be true the waiting period is now stretched to 180 days (or six months), says IndianAutosBlog.

The waiting tenure of 180 days is posted on the petrol version of Ford’s compact SUV, and even automatic version is also not being spared here after being priced so heavily.

On the other side of flip, the diesel version is garnered by quite few buyers than the gasoline, as seen in the posted image the waiting period on it is of maximum 90 days.

Ford EcoSport's Waiting Period Stretches to 180 Days
As per to one of the Ford dealers, automatic transmission had contributed a lot to the chunk of overwhelming sales report.

On comparison, the base petrol models, Ambiente and Trend, are relatively having the higher demand than diesel ones. The waiting period in petrol version is varying difference of 60 days in-between due to the color availability.

Ford EcoSport
Ford officially had announced EcoSport had received 30,000 bookings within 17 days from the launch. Meanwhile, the EcoSport is also been doing good, waiting period of 90-150 days on it concludes it all.

Image Courtesy: IAB.

Check out the Cool Aftermarket Sunroof of Ford EcoSport

Final word on Ford EcoSport was delivered in this week, and now we have started getting the reports that there are people in the industry who are ready with their sorts of accessories for lugging newbie Ford EcoSport with an added dose of charm. And here we had brought to you is the ‘Webasto 300 Deluxe Medium’ sunroof.

We know many of you will have the objection that there is no point to have a sunroof in the country like India where there is a tremendous amount of heat. And this sunroof for an additional amount is a complete no-no. Hence, we tell you, this is not an ordinary sunroof but is the one which is known to be as Spoiler Type sunroof. It comes with inbuilt sunshade under the glass and the glass opens itself outside of the car (forming a spoiler type shape when seen from outer).

If still that doesn’t excites you then let us explain, it functions on the command of electrical orders which has the standard feature of ‘Auto Close’ and ‘Anti Pinch’. Under the former term, the roof closes automatically when you switch off your car, whereas in the latter one glass goes back in-case where it feels an obstruction while closing.

Ford EcoSport

The roof takes three hours for installation and comes with 2 pre-set memory options.

Well, we know one is still drooling over the term Webasto. Hence, it is an OEM for many big wigs of auto fraternity and has been carrying out its operation in India since many years back. It is founded by Wilhelm Baier Senior in 1908 near Munich and since then it has spread its existence throughout the world.

Ford EcoSport in India

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Ford Announces EcoSport Pricing List for 141 Cities in India

Witnessed the launch of Ford EcoSport this afternoon, and now it’s time for you to know the specific price tags related to your city or town. Yes, we have managed to get the whole pricing list of EcoSport which says specific terms about your respective location.

Don’t believe your eyes, Thane and Kolhapur in Maharashtra are priced with the lowest possible term but the Vellore and Madurai are surprisingly bargained for the highest number in the country, in spite the latter ones are located so close to the manufacturing bay of the car.

Well, check the rest by yourself and do let us know had you find this proposition useful or not.

Ford EcoSport

So India now you have the reason to rejoice for this feasting list. We have posted it in the blog for your convenience.

Ecosport prices

Ecosport prices

Ecosport prices

Ford EcoSport to Launch on 26th June 2013

Finally after the lot of speculation, we got a chance to get closer with the launch of Ford EcoSport. This time grass is looking greener than before, and we had all the reasons to prove it right in terms of speculations.

We recently learnt that Alan Mulally, Ford President and Chief Executive Officer who recently flew down to India will be there for the rollout, which is expected to happen on 26th June 2013. Smelled, Ford to carry out this launch in Delhi, and rumor follows other metro cities may get the same dose on further dates. Well, we too hope that Ford now will reveal the complete product in the market, not leaving price to be there under cover for more of the time yet.

“The EcoSport looks fantastic. The Chennai team, together with our supplier partners, have done an outstanding job in delivering our customers a great looking, fuel efficient, safe, compact utility vehicle with impressive functionality and connectivity, at a very affordable price,” said Mulally, who was recently in Chennai to congratulate Ford employees on the first EcoSport shipments.

Ford EcoSport
Already known much about it, but still confirming once again, 1.0L turbocharged EcoBoost engine is also going to debut in India with EcoSport that had already claimed a lot of accolades on its name throughout the world. It will be interesting to see how we locals will perceive it performing on the crumbling yet almost broken Indian roads. Escorting the EcoBoost will be the normally tuned 1.5L petrol and diesel engines to compete various segments more aggressively here.

This and again, we say it may be the last speculation for EcoSport, and the next time we emerged to you with this topic will be given down with the launch invitation in our hands.

You can now book a Ford EcoSport

Ford motor company produces cars that suit every occasion and person. Eco sport is a Ford car that suits the style and adventure needs of an individual. This 2nd generation SUV was first presented in India in 2012 and since then was being anticipated by the people. Finally the news has reached media that Ford is taking bookings for Eco sport with a booking amount of 50,000 rupees. This has been confirmed by their page on Facebook that even directs the people, interested in buying, to the dealer’s website.

The first generation Ford Ecosport was first launched in Brazil and since then has been one of the most preferred cars in Brazil. Ecosport has been a very successful venture with selling over 70,000 cars in 2011 in the global market. The only competitors it sees are the Volkswagen CrossFox and Fiat Palio weekend adventure.

Luckily India is among those few countries that will first receive the second generation Eco sport. The latest version designed for India was revealed in March 2013 in the magnificent city of Mumbai. Though the car was unveiled its official entry into the market was still a question unanswered. But now with the booking orders being placed the launch is expected to be any time soon.

Ford EcoSport
Although the bookings are being done but it is still not clear when this car will reach the market. Although it is being said that the much awaited launch will be in the month of June.

Let’s hope that Ecosport reaches the market so that more of the Indians can get their favourite sport SUV once and for all.

Ford EcoSport India Launch to Happen by Next Month: Official

Ford EcoSport seems to have broken the records in rendering speculations and rumors on internet, and elsewhere too, but now it looks like those days are getting over, grass tending to be greener than before, as the officials of American carmaker had confirmed launch may happen by next month (i.e. June 2013) in India to those interested buyers who choose to walk into their showroom for some rough derivations on their futuristic buyout perception.

Yes, it was just last week when the media house had been bestowed with the test ride in Goa, the particular event also witnessed 150 experts and media personnel from other countries as well, just to confirm everything is fit and fine for the nearby slated roll-out. Must say, all of the things would have went well, not much of the negativities reflected, hence the futuristic way tends to be clear, as straight from the house of hell for the bats to escape heat furiously.

Ford EcoSport
As learnt, Ford EcoSport will be made available in the options of 1.5L turbocharged diesel, 1.5L petrol and 1.0L turbocharged award winning (petrol) EcoBoost, simply striding enough to give in sleepless night to that of names like Duster and such. Ambiente, Trend, Titanium and Titanium Plus are the three trims selected to make most of the affectionate bindings with audience, whilst of also the option to choose from 6 speed PowerShift dual clutch automatic transmission in one of the trims.

Though, the marketing campaigns of EcoSport are doing great in the present scenario, and had also created enough amount of bizarre for inclining suitable padding for the launch to happen. Also, the reports from international market had kept trending positive responses too, that had been a massive source of motivational to keep the momentum going in organization. Meanwhile, those international experts and media personnel also seem satisfied with this bug, and hence we see Ford to keep gleaming at all times. Yet, no official press releases from the makers have been dropped into our mailboxes, but we assure, to update you as soon as it will happen.

Ford EcoSport picture spied before its launch

EcoSport is one of the most awaited vehicles in the market and something that makes it even more viable in Indian market is the growing interest of the people in compact SUVs. Already compact SUVs like Renault Duster and Mahindra’s Quanto is doing quite well in the sales and EcoSport with all its hype will surely make things different. Exclusive picture of the Ford EcoSports have been running over the net that was spotted in Pune. The Ford EcoSport is expected to launch in March 2013. The several images of the EcoSport were clicked that shows a bunch of vehicles going around Pune. But images shows the rear part of the vehicle and front part was not revealed.

One of the pictures clearly shows a petrol version of the compact SUV with the still rims with wheel covers, which is most probably the entry level variant. The picture shows three Ford EcoSport going in a row without missing variant badges. The company has already started sale of EcoSport in Brazil and is all set to reveal EcoSport against Renault Duster in India.

Ford EcoSport
The compact SUV has already created much hype with its 1.0 litre Ford EcoBoost engine and sub 4m length, but the thing that make it one of the most awaited product is its competitive pricing as 80 percent of the content used for this vehicle will be locally made.

According to the sources company is also planning to launch an automatic version of the vehicle to offer another option for buyers. The automatic Ford EcoSport is likely to possess similar dual clutch gearbox, powershift which is also known as the cheapest dual-clutch transmission in the world.

2013 Ford EcoSport production model heading to Beijing

Ford unveiled the 2013 EcoSport mini SUV at the 2012 Auto Expo in Delhi. The mini SUV has created a sensation in the auto industry and we are eagerly waiting to see a production version rolling out very soon. Ford has quenched our thirst by announcing that it will unveil four new models at the Beijing Motor show, and one of them is going to be the production ready Ford EcoSport.

Besides India, Ford will launch the EcoSport in other emerging markets like Brazil and China. Brazil could be one of the first markets where the 2013 EcoSport rolls in, and it will replace the previous generation. Testing has already begun in China and the crossover will roll to our shores eventually.

The 2012 Beijing Motor show is scheduled for 22nd of this month. However, Ford could unveil the 2013 EcoSport in Brazil, a day before the event kicks off. While the production version is largely based on the concept we have seen, the minor differences creep in with replacement of the LED headlamps with the more conventional headlamps in the production version.

2013 Ford EcoSport
Powering the EcoSport is a 1.0-litre EcoBoost turbocharged gasoline engine. This breed of engine features groundbreaking performance together with spectacular fuel-economy. India is likely to receive a diesel variant looking at the rising demand of diesel-powered cars in the Indian market. This could be a 1.5-litre TDCI diesel engine borrowed from the all-new Fiesta.

For the Brazilian market, Ford gives an option of a 1.6-litre naturally aspirated, a 1.6-litre turbocharged diesel engines and a 1.6-litre TDCI motor. China is expected to be the biggest market for the EcoSport, where the 1.0-litre EcoBoost will make its way under the hood.

2013 Ford EcoSport
The Ford EcoSport will carve way for a whole-new segment of compact SUVs in the Indian market. Price of the EcoSport is expected below Rs 10 lacs and will be launched in Indian late 2012 or early 2013.