Ford Announces EcoSport Pricing List for 141 Cities in India

Witnessed the launch of Ford EcoSport this afternoon, and now it’s time for you to know the specific price tags related to your city or town. Yes, we have managed to get the whole pricing list of EcoSport which says specific terms about your respective location.

Don’t believe your eyes, Thane and Kolhapur in Maharashtra are priced with the lowest possible term but the Vellore and Madurai are surprisingly bargained for the highest number in the country, in spite the latter ones are located so close to the manufacturing bay of the car.

Well, check the rest by yourself and do let us know had you find this proposition useful or not.

Ford EcoSport

So India now you have the reason to rejoice for this feasting list. We have posted it in the blog for your convenience.

Ecosport prices

Ecosport prices

Ecosport prices

Ford Has High Expectations for EcoSport: Sales Report

Nearing the launch of EcoSport, Ford now seems a bit worried. Just the last month i.e. in May 2013 carmaker sold 5,993 vehicles inclusive of domestic as well as exports. As learnt, the high rates of interest had played the major spoilsport in this declining sales figure. However, exports posted a growth of 18% in the last month, increased to 1,991 units from 1,693 units that were registered in the same period of last year.

In spite of such drawbacks, the occasion of Akshay Tritiya had brought in prosperity for the model plates like Ford Figo and Classic. The upcoming series of MyEndeavour alterrain on National Geographic channel is also expected to boost the demand of newly launched Endeavour Alterrain edition which is a cosmetic makeover to the existing SUV. Moreover, Ford also had plans of grabbing more of the territories with the upcoming new facilities in Nalgonda, Andhra Pradesh, apart from the existing 260 sales and service outlets across 138 cities in India.

Ford EcoSport
Lending his comment on this stowed back posture, Anurag Mehrotra, Vice President, Sales, Ford India said, “Despite the difficult industry situation we are confident of the long-term potential of the Indian market, stronger export sales are a clear sign that our One Ford plan is working with more products that consumers want and value.” Hence, it seems the carmaker has high hopes on the EcoSport, which is slated to launch by mid of this month. “With our aggressive expansion plans and the introduction of exciting new global products and technologies in India, we’re reiterating our commitment to the region,” concluded Mr. Mehrotra.

Official Brochure of Ford EcoSport Leaked

Just some inches away from the launch Ford EcoSport had started leaking its bits from here and there. The latest this morning we got to know is, official brochure of Ford’s compact SUV is been leaked on internet! Hence, we wasted no time in bringing it to you.

Going with the scanned images of leaked brochure, we learnt EcoSport will be made available in seven colors and the one which we are seeing it more often is the ‘Mars Red’, as mentioned in the official leaflet. Meanwhile, if one needs to get the spare wheel in body colored covering then he may have to shell out some extra bucks for buying them because the organization has not tended it as a standard fitment.

Ford EcoSport brochure leaked

Terming variants differently, 1.5-liter petrol MT is said to be made available in Ambiente, Trend and Titanium, whilst of 1.5-liter AT to be burgeoned in the Titanium variant only. The 1.0-liter EcoBoost will arrive in Titanium, but as slated, the oil burner to be most lucrative amongst all hence, it will be rolled out in all the four variants. Now talking about strange moves, Ford had made the Smart Keyless entry with Push Button Start feature available only on Titanium which the 1.5 AT version is deprived off from same.

Ford EcoSport's official brochure leaks

It is the only top end variant that will receive the India’s first SYNC emergency system and the 3.5” multifunction display along with CD/MP3 player.

Interiors also seem playing differently for the customers with different pocket. Charcoal black and dark grey will sit in the top-end whereas the charcoal black and neutral warm grey to cover every one of them in their stride.

That’s all for now, but we think more of them to come out as soon as possible, saying something about the launch date and all.

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Ford EcoSport India Launch to Happen by Next Month: Official

Ford EcoSport seems to have broken the records in rendering speculations and rumors on internet, and elsewhere too, but now it looks like those days are getting over, grass tending to be greener than before, as the officials of American carmaker had confirmed launch may happen by next month (i.e. June 2013) in India to those interested buyers who choose to walk into their showroom for some rough derivations on their futuristic buyout perception.

Yes, it was just last week when the media house had been bestowed with the test ride in Goa, the particular event also witnessed 150 experts and media personnel from other countries as well, just to confirm everything is fit and fine for the nearby slated roll-out. Must say, all of the things would have went well, not much of the negativities reflected, hence the futuristic way tends to be clear, as straight from the house of hell for the bats to escape heat furiously.

Ford EcoSport
As learnt, Ford EcoSport will be made available in the options of 1.5L turbocharged diesel, 1.5L petrol and 1.0L turbocharged award winning (petrol) EcoBoost, simply striding enough to give in sleepless night to that of names like Duster and such. Ambiente, Trend, Titanium and Titanium Plus are the three trims selected to make most of the affectionate bindings with audience, whilst of also the option to choose from 6 speed PowerShift dual clutch automatic transmission in one of the trims.

Though, the marketing campaigns of EcoSport are doing great in the present scenario, and had also created enough amount of bizarre for inclining suitable padding for the launch to happen. Also, the reports from international market had kept trending positive responses too, that had been a massive source of motivational to keep the momentum going in organization. Meanwhile, those international experts and media personnel also seem satisfied with this bug, and hence we see Ford to keep gleaming at all times. Yet, no official press releases from the makers have been dropped into our mailboxes, but we assure, to update you as soon as it will happen.

Ford EcoSport to come equipped with the Emergency Assistance system

Ford EcoSport is certainly one of the most awaited SUVs in India and is likely to witness a launch by June 2013. American auto giant is also taking tons of measures to make it a big hit. It is also possible that the bookings for the vehicles may start from June. Ford is taking all the steps to make it a sure hit in Indian market.The SUV is equipped with the various advanced technological features that also include Emergency Assistance System.

In case of an emergency the Emergency Assistance system will send an vital voice message to the emergency service providers stating that the vehicle has been met with the accident or is in some problem. The emergency Assistance System enhances the safety and quickens the response during any of the emergency situations as it will automatically alert the concern authority.

The company claims to be the first auto maker in India to provide such emergency and safety solution to the buyers. According to the company this system is termed as ‘Ford Sync’, this system uses the driver’s mobile through Bluetooth and it runs in the background once the mobile is connected through the Ford Sync. Once the mobile device is connected with the sync, after that it automatically connects with the drivers mobile once he/she enters the vehicle with his/her phone. The phone is turned on and the Bluetooth should be activated.

Ford EcoSport
According to the company, once the airbags are deployed and the emergency fuel pump is shutoff is activated, this feature will then use Sync to through a hands-free phone to connect the driver directly with the 108 (Indian emergency service number). Before initiating the call, the sync will be giving a 10 sec window to the driver or passenger to decide whether they want to initiate the call or just want to cancel it. If the call is not deactivated within 10secs then the Sync will create an emergency call.

The statement also says that if the accidents happen while the driver or the passenger is on another call then the Emergency Assistance System will end the existing call and will place a new call to the emergency number. Other than that the incomings calls will also be barred so that it will not interfere with the communication between the driver and the emergency operator. If in any case, the driver is not able to communicate with the operator then SYNC will be able to deliver a voice message automatically and will also provide the GPS location of the accident to the emergency services. This will help the emergency operators and service men to find the exact location of the accident and can also alert the closest possible medical officers and emergency teams. This can be quite helpful in worst case scenario and can become the thin line between life and death.

Ford EcoSport Likely to roll out by June end

Global automobile manufacturer Ford is likely to roll out its innovative compact SUV (sports utility vehicle) EcoSport by the end of June 2013.

As per sources, “After conclusion of the operation, the auto firm will formally introduce EcoSport in the domestic market. Most probably by the end of June this year, it will be rolled out.”

On Friday, the well known car major made an announcement that a drive in regard to the introduction of this much awaited sports utility vehicle (SUV) will get started from the month of May.

Under the operation, the firm will pick 100 customers who will obtain the chance to drive the SUV and share their thrilling knowledge.

Ford EcoSport

Mr. Joginder Singh, Ford India President and Managing Director (MD) stated that around 100 customers will be chosen by a panel of adjudicators.

The partakers have to upload their opinions regarding the new car on that will be assessed by the judges.

The drive will take place in around twelve cities commencing from the national capital and Mumbai. It will be a type of road concert. The firm also introduced Ecosport Urban Hub with the aim to connect more and more people.

Mr. Joginder Singh also said that they’re eager to go live with their game modifier EcoSport at the EcoSport Urban center as they bring our urban sport utility vehicle nearer to their consumers.

“Consumers across these 12 towns will have a chance to witness, touch and enjoy their EcoSport every weekend resulting in the launch,” Mr. Joginder said.

Mr. Joginder also said, “We have taken a pace further by offering them a chance to drive and enjoy the EcoSport out in the open and share their product knowledge.”

The EcoSport array will consist of 4 trims, offering consumers’ an option of 3 engine choices (a 1.0-litre EcoBoost, 1.5-litre Petrol and a 1.5-litre diesel engine) comprising manual transmission and an automatic transmission choice in petrol edition,” Mr. Singh also said.

Stay tuned to get more updates on this.

Ford EcoSport Contest: Winner Will Be Given Away With Its New Compact SUV

Ford EcoSport is a lovely car and is soon going to change the face of Indian travelling which is a due to the hatchbacks. But to make it a reality a large chunk of buyer is required, and to get buyers – the promotions and advertisement is necessity. It is almost confusing but the clutter confesses that Ford had launched a contest in which one can win an EcoSport by just following some simple steps.

To get the hands on it, a tempting discovery i.e. a unique photograph of one’s city is required to be posted on the carmaker’s webpage which then do needs votes of friends to gain limelight, and then out of final hundreds a lucky one will drive home an EcoSport; the remaining 99s must not be disappointed because they will be embellished with a chance to test-ride that compact SUV – as will be the first attempt among audience.

Ford EcoSport
The webpage of EcoSport says, “No-one knows a city like the people who live there. And nothing lets you discover more about your city than an Ford EcoSport. Introduce us to a cool Urban Discovery and we’ll introduce you to the EcoSport. Not only will you have a chance to win one of the year’s most anticipated cars. You’ll also appear in our special TV show. Who knows? Maybe the discoverer will become the discovered!”

It seems that Americans are in a mood to lure young explorers and may also launch other campaigns in future to gain adventurous attention.

Just click on this link to get yourself contented with the additional dose of Sport, but make sure that many of your friends would get into it so that you may entitled with honor!

Ford EcoSport to Come with Automatic Transmission as well

The Ford EcoSport will be made available in Automatic Transmission as well, emerging report suggest.

Till now, it was being expected that the Ford EcoSport will just come in the Manual transmission option, but unlike its rivals like Renault Duster, the new Ford vehicle will also reportedly come in the Automatic Transmission version.

The Ford EcoSport is one of the most eagerly awaited vehicles of recent times, thanks to its compact design and fascinating looks, as well as its award-winning EcoBoost engine which promises remarkable fuel efficiency without compromising on the power.

Ford EcoSport to Come with Automatic Transmission as well

The Indian arm of the US-based auto giant was spotted doing tests of the Automatic Transmission variant of the EcoSport at places in India, which further adds weight to the reports about the new variant. However, the company has yet to make an official announcement about the Automatic Transmission variant of the Ford EcoSport.

If reports are to be believed, the Ford EcoSport will come equipped with the similar dual-clutch automatic gearbox known as Powershift – the cheapest dual-clutch gearbox in the world. Ford is already using the same dual-clutch gearbox in the Fiesta sedan as well.

The Ford EcoSport is scheduled to be launched in February 2013, with a price tag of between Rs.7 and Rs.9 lakh.