Nissan Terrano First Anniversary Drive – Son Of The Soil

A fine hazy morning to start the weekend with, plan was to rush towards airport and catch a flight for Amritsar. Apparently, all of us settled in place, and quite unobvious about what’s going to be special for the Nissan Terrano’s first anniversary, no it wasn’t the “4×4 version” instead the same outgoing Terrano, nor even the Anniversary edition, was given to us for driving it like a ‘Son of Soil’!

The concept was unusual for all of us, but when the plans of next two day of trip unfolded precisely after reaching there, it became clear the motive was to raise the voice for Terrano of being capable to suit typical Indian driving conditions, reaching far beyond where our thinking couldn’t make out that an international player of automobile can go this extreme with its compact SUV.

The mildly shimmering afternoon of Amritsar, after the refreshment in hotel, gave us a flag off for Punjabiyat, a place conducive for farming wheat and sugarcane with lush field laying its examples in typical Punjabi manner, falls at an odd 70-km drive (taking approximately an hour) en-route to Jammu, or our ultimate destination – Palampur, Himachal Pradesh. Now, the concept for anniversary drive took an imminent turn and directed how the Terrano is actually derived towards the terminology of Son of Soil.

Nissan Terrano First Anniversary Drive

Quite precise to say, the qualities of people in Amritsar being strong and willing to serve the country always, Terrano fills in the same space with its ultimate adaptability and toughness. The essence of it was delivered when traditional Punjabi lunch was served on “charpoys”. Further shoots and videos were a touch away from the shutterbugs’ zombie. Wary of village life, our cameraman also tried his hands on the farm tractor. Locals got amazed to see such a beautiful SUV running easily on the fields, with its immaculate ground clearance eating up every type of terrain thrown to it for the evening snacks.

The journey to destine then swept past leather-type roads underneath the tyres. Our hobbies of stopping amidst the route and sipping teas, refreshments and lighting up the white-sticks were fully-accelerated like the way Terrano did. Sun began to melt its way down to the dusk, and need for covering the retinas with glare became obvious. But the shutterbugs continued to do their job without breaking a sweat – as the backdrop was tentatively a feat for their lenses. Small time businessman and vendors can be seen downside the roads hurrying to rush back their dwellings. Some even asked us for the lift, but as we were in the rush to Palampur, Jhelum River in the meanwhile was also left to be explored at its core.

Nissan Terrano

This connecting river to India and Pakistan wasn’t having the water flow at all, left us disappointed of testing the Nissan’s only SUV in India for river-crossing. In compensation, the dried river-bank paved way for testing pebble-trotting skills and a bit of off-roading. After lurking out from that crest of nature, on the top of our heads was to reach the Palampur before the dusk spawned to its darkest form. Finally, we made in time to the breathtaking view of hotel, which accosted us with the cocktails and dinner.

The experience that received on this trip was filed to be memorable for the further time to come, and also every time we see the Terrano swooping past on our roads.

To brief about the technical details, Nissan Terrano given to us was consisted of 1.5-litre diesel engine producing 108.5bhp @ 3900 rpm and 248Nm of max torque @ 2250 rpm mated to a 6 speed manual transmission, with all traction transferred to front wheels. Disc brakes are calibrated at the front and drum at the rear. Suspensions were a bit stiff on the part to soak up the bumps at ease. Combination of responsive steering and aptly tuned suspension makes up for character of adventurous as well as emotional just like a son of soil. Designed to usurp large cargos and comfortable seating of four deepens it further. To relive those experiences in real-life, the 5.2 meters of turning radius and not so extensive length of 4331mm are to the last tips of Terrano’s definition to “son of the soil”.

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Nissan Terrano Automatic Spied in Russia

Russia and India share some similarities in between. Taking that notation into consideration, Nissan has affirmed to launch its Terrano in Russia too. This time, it’s not the conventionally trimmed compact SUV of Nissan which is going to make its debut there, instead the spy shots that had surfaced on internet claims it to be of an automatic variant Terrano found testing in Russia.

Posted spyshots are taken at the Avtoframos facility in Moscow portraying three Terranos standing in a line. The source behind this spy-shot had confirmed, the trial production of the vehicle has already begun. Let us inform you that, Avtoframos facility also manufactures the Duster for Renault to sell in the Russian market.

Nissan Terrano Automatic Spied

Though the Chennai facility of India is open to export the Terranos to other markets, but manufacturing the vehicle there will pose a more conventional option.

The launch could happen in USSR by August this year, maybe at the Moscow Motor Show. It could be possible that the Terrano would also utilize the benefit of 4WD from the Duster there, but that would be feasible only for the petrol variants.

Nissan Terrano Automatic Spied in Russia

Renault Duster and Nissan Terrano to Get 4×4 Soon

Renault Duster and Nissan Terrano, are the two hunks of Indian automotive industry, which are stiffly competed by the American stud Ford EcoSport. Hopefully, all three of them are very much close to each other and leaves no chance to cash upon the situation given. But being the market getting more claustrophobic with the passing days, the compact SUV segment, in which the trios fall, needed to undergo a change for making the cash-wheel go merrier. It is been revealed, leaving the Ford EcoSport now for exception, Renault and Nissan are going to launch their 4×4 versions of compact SUV by this year, prior to their facelifts getting headed towards the country.

The 4×4 Duster will be the first to get unleashed in the country by mid of the year 2014 i.e. near to September or October. On the flipside, Nissan Terrano will see the all-wheel drive mechanism coming to it by the year end, i.e. in December.

Hopefully, the source, from where we lifted this news said, they had confirmed this detail with the official of both the ex-allied brands, and had made it assured that they are interested to bring in the all-wheel drive variants of the compact SUV before landing their facelifts here. The new trims will be made available only for the top-of-line badges, Duster RxZ and Terrano’s XV, which could be sold at a premium of Rs 75,000 to Rs 1 lakh.

Renault Duster and Nissan Terrano to Get 4x4 Soon

Currently both the compact SUVs are riding the masses on front-wheel drive layout. The present price of Duster RxZ is Rs 12.67 lakh, and Terrano XV is Rs 12.78 lakh.

Source: ZigWheels

Cars To Buy This Festive Season (2013)

Despite the fact that market going through downfalls, trend setters continued to grow up throughout the times. Well, the festive season is just around the corner, and we Indians are hitting the best possible spot to locate what’s the new we can get in the coming times. Need not to take up on hassle a lot. Nowadays, the automotive fraternity of India has spared us a lot of options to barge upon and make a smart buyout. Though it’s not wrong to say, the neighbors may be envied with the all new possessions we’ll bring home. Hence, Young at Heart, and cost effective on budget, is what we had chalked out to raise the temperature for the buyers list on the occasional melting moments.

Mentioned are the best of three automobiles which are now available in India that we guess are a perfect pick for the festive season:

Hyundai i10 Grand:

Hyundai i10 Grand is the latest entry in compact car segment, which we seem, also taking the competitive toils to hatchback with its segments’ first comfort features. It comes loaded with 1.2-litre Kappa petrol engine of 82bhp and 114Nm torque, and 1.1-litre CRDi diesel engine of 70bhp and 180Nm torque. Both the powerplants comes attached with astonishing fuel-efficiency tags, where it is slated petrol engine returning 18.9kmpl, and the diesel one at 24kmpl.

Let us tell that, the i10 Grand is the only small car available in India with the ‘diesel’ engine, so putting it in the buyers’ list marks of significant importance.

Hyundai i10 Grand

Rear AV vents, cooled glove box, keyless entry, push-button and two-tone interior are what the customers of the compact car segment hadn’t experienced before the i10 Grand era. The only thing that it lacks is the ‘automatic transmission’, which we guess will also be made available in the later times seeing to its surging demand. Well, this vehicle of Hyundai takes a “Grand” prize in our list.

Ford EcoSport:

Ford’s rough times on Indian patch was finding tough to be handled with the given repertoire of vehicles. But launch of EcoSport on our local shores seems to have taken the stride in the favour of carmaker, and stunned everyone with eye catching price tags and the features provided in the respective bracket.

However, it too boasts options of petrol as well diesel engines, not even disappointing the automatic lovers at all. The compact SUV of Ford bares a spare wheel on tail gate to aspire those who love urbanism with a nick some rugged off-roading.

1.5-liter Ti-VCT Petrol (109 bhp/140 Nm), 1.5-liter TDCi diesel (89 bhp/204 Nm), and the top of all award winning 1.0-liter EcoBoost in petrol (123 bhp/170 Nm) are made available in India. Overall, there are total of ten variants of the EcoSport being launched here, where ample of paint shades are given to choose from.

Ford EcoSport

Launched at Rs. 5.59 lakh for petrol and Rs 6.69 lakh for diesel (Ex-showroom Delhi), the EcoSport seems to be a perfect replacement for the girly going hatchbacks.

Not only the top end variant is meant to be chosen for the Ford’s latest product in Indian market, but even the base variant Ambiente also puts on offer plenty of standard equipments, namely power steering, air-conditioning, electric ORVMs with indicators, front power windows, theatre dimming interior lights, Bluetooth radio with AUX and USB connectivity, dual tone interiors and remote central locking.

Nissan Terrano:

Nissan’s Terrano is for those who slightly have a big budget for the 2013 Festive Season as compared to the buyers of aforementioned cars. Though one would say, Terrano is just a re-badge version of Renault Duster, but believe us, we test drove it on a number of patches and we felt the Japanese’ product fares a lot better than the original ones of Renault.

Apparently, Terrano holds underneath 1.5-litre dCi diesel and 1.6-litre petrol engine options. Diesel engine is tuned in two states of tunes – 84bhp and 109bhp, while the petrol one is done only with 103bhp. The 109bhp diesel thrown with six-speed manual, while the petrol one and 84bhp diesel are landed the five-speed manual.

Nissan Terrano

Launched at Rs 9.6 lakh, top end variant shoots up to Rs 12.46 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), which we say is not so peaked when looked at the features and chrome touches given. And more importantly, the Nissan Terrano surpasses four meter length, which means the bullying type of presence can be flaunted everywhere.

Nissan Terrano in India Test Drive

Nissan Terrano and Renault Duster are the two prominent names being tremendously christened in the auto fraternity nowadays.

Hence, the Renault Duster is been there in the market since long back, and had claimed some international titles too. Now it is the time for Nissan to invade the compact SUV segment and mark its prominence. Taking the strategic advantage by the means of agreement between the French automaker, Japanese showed up its aggressiveness and it finally resulted in the form of “Nissan Terrano”.

Though, we had already reported the Nissan Terrano in detail at our review section, where we claimed the Terrnao of having 1.5-litre dCi diesel and 1.6-litre petrol engines. Diesel engine tuned in two state of tunes – 84bhp and 109bhp, while the petrol one is done only with 103bhp. However, the 109bhp diesel is thrown with the six-speed manual gearbox, while the petrol one and 84bhp diesel are given with five-speed manual. For your information we had test driven two of the vehicles in Udaipur, where the Nissan had arranged a special media test drive session for all the leading publication houses, we now will reveal the experiences of all the said vehicles step by step.

Nissan Terrano Test Drive

1.5-litre dCi diesel of 109bhp

Firstly, we decided to put out the note on the most desirable 1.5-litre dCi diesel of 109bhp, which transacts all the power from a stick of 5-speed manual transmission. Hence, need not to say the power given to this Terrano is mouth watering and is a better option than that of the petrol fuel trim, sounding like bliss in the times of skyrocketing petrol prices. We took this vehicle for an approximately 80-90kms, drove in between winding roads and some off-roads. Need not to say, the Japanese (Nissan) has provoked the mechanism of best Japanese automotive engineering by giving us the Terrano. Well, over here one may say that, the Terrano is originally a French translation into a Japanese, but truly the car that the Nissan had developed is quite amazing than the Duster. It performs all the tasks that are thrown in front of it. No need of adjusting oneself to the devotions of car, but here we had experienced none of the naggings from vehicle at all. It pulls up the power from 2500RPM and leaves the genre uninterrupted to the 4000RPM. The 248Nm of torque comes active at around 2500RPM only, but due to the aggressive gear distribution ratio, excitement start notching the steering from 2000RPM itself. Though we don’t deny that clutch on this vehicle is a bit on the harder side, making feels a bit tad while climbing uphill, and in city traffics. Overall view from the driver’s seat gives a plenty of needed outlook. The ground clearance of 205mm makes Terrano to reach wherever needed.

New Nissan Terrano Test Drive

The above said was all about the ergonomics mostly, but now when the ghats and winding roads on our drive ended, highway started following us. Unbelievably, 0-100kmph is reached in some astonishing amount of time, and when we recorded the reciprocal of same, i.e. from 100kmph-0kmph we touched down the line in a slight more than 3 seconds. The mentioned figures are not knitted with the help of some advanced equipments, but are carried out with the bare-basics only. Hopefully, the Terrano delivered us uninterrupted power throughout the whole range of throttle, never disappointed at any of point. It finally landed us on the top whack of 120kmph during the test. No doubt that it was having a fair amount of additional horses being stored under the bonnet even at that time (i.e. at 120kmph) too. To sound safe in a new city and on the new roads, we didn’t pedal the accelerator more than that. Hence, if we could have done that, then reaching the 135-140kmph mark didn’t seem tough for the 109bhp 1.5-litre DCi engine of Terrano.

Nissan Terrano in India Test Drive

Talking suspension and control, there aren’t any bits which claim the Terrano is not bounded for the roads in India. Potholes and the open stretches are galled by it in tons and tons, without even beating a sweat. Push it harder, the harshest it gets. It not mussing even the king sized potholes inside the cabin, all thanks to the softly tuned suspension. In fact, that same soft suspension goes for a rough time when the car is being slided into some tight corners. Body rolls and understeer to an extent can be experienced at the steep turns. But that’s understood when given at this much of so desired comfort. Steering feels quite light, directs the car sharply in the reclined direction. No negative feedbacks even at high speeds. It weighs up along with the rising speed, and gives in confidence to make the most of it at its top notches.

We must say, Nissan Terrano is a good highway cruiser, and is boon for the city slicker too. We have no complaints from the high powered diesel variant of Nissan Terrano, but instead we would say the Japanese trapped the misfielded balls which the French had dropped while trimming it as per the low-costing profile.

1.6-litre petrol of 103bhp

However, it may make someone feels irk that petrol is driven on less number of horses comparatively to the 109bhp diesel. Let us tell you, the Duster is world’s cheapest SUV, so its sibling shall copy some of its traits. Hence, counting the major of its audience to be more cost-conscious regarding the mileage, it may be an issue for the carmaker to yield the stunning return on kilometers-per-litre-of-fuel, where the solution is being chalked out at the cost of deleting some horses underneath the bonnet. Well, gasoline wakes up the power of 103bhp at an early 2000RPM and keeps revving smoothly till 4000RPM. Disappointingly, the motor makes aggressive move till 4000RPM, later than it starts falling short of power. However, making the motor to reach near to maximum 4800RPM gets a one teddy to drive. One has to punch the feet harder on pedal on take on the paths at ease on gasoline. Though, we are not disappointed about its feel in the city. 103bhp of petrol maneuvers easily in the slicken lanes of towns. Five-speed manual does its job brilliantly. Taking the same on highway makes us to be under-confident when overtaking the heavy vehicles. However, other of the bits like suspension and body control are of the same what we had said about the diesel above, but drivetrain faces serious nags, which Nissan should do something about if it wanted to sell the petrol trim of Terrano successfully.

Final Verdict:

Nissan Terrano of 1.5-litre dCi diesel of 109bhp is awesome, and hefts the job to powertrain at a compelling need. All the effort of engineers at Japanese workshop seems to deserve a success party. However, they may have the cues from Renault Duster too; but personally, a lot of efforts had gone in making the Japanese compact SUV a better option in present times than the French version. Petrol one is sufficient for the city slick, but may pose serious lacks on the highway, as per to our experience. On overall (including interiors), the Terrano is a deserving option to get for a money value like this. Even French may not have tided this better when they could have tried drawing a notch above than their Duster. Contemporarily, the Japanese seems successful!

Nissan Terrano 2013 Test Drive

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Nissan Terrano bookings commenced: Rs. 50,000 down-payment

Nissan Terrano is the Duster’s Japanese replica, but it isn’t someone’s fault that Nissan had garnered many likes on it when they unveiled it in India some days back.

Though the sources said, manies cancelled their bookings of Duster for biting a similar piece of compact SUV in the Japanese platter. We hope this posted news happens to be a pouncing stride for them who were quenching hard for getting their hands on Terrano.

Nissan officially started accepting the bookings of Terrano for as low of Rs. 50,000 down payment. The car may start flowing out from the showroom by October to celebrate the festive season of India.

Nissan Terrano and Renault Duster share the same platform all over. The difference between both the vehicles is, their skins are cosmetically different, and the Nissan’s offering poses premiumness in the category for making the competitive knots slightly higher.

Nissan Terrano
Engine bay is dwelled with the 1.5L diesel engine in two states of tune, while the 1.6L petrol engine may gulp down the same bay for petrol-heads. Options of five and six speed manual gearbox to be there in the context of this SUV, while right now there aren’t any chances of automatic or 4×4 version to make debut in the market anytime soon.

Nissan Terrano Review

“Renault Duster” the word itself is a big bonk of the industry. Though, wherever it may have been launched in the world, the results were tamed to be outstanding in terms of sale-numbers. However, it has to be, because the title of “world’s cheapest SUV” along with it makes it to caption many of the loop-holes which most of the carmakers had left behind in the fraying context that they cannot be so down-trodden in the terms of pricing and the quality offered on board.

It is no doubt that Renault used to do the justice when it comes to the pricing against value-driven. But there was a question lying unattended in the industry which says, do anyone needs more of the upmarket feel in Duster by just paying a mere ounce of money? Well, it is still unattended, hopefully would be answered when the Nissan will launch its terrifying “Terrrano” in the market in order to gain the fanfare that it was eyeing since allied with the Renault years back. To an extent we hope, the unveiling ceremony of the car may have lend some light on what the game Nissan is ready to play. But (of course) the price is remained to conclude the most of it. One can read the review below to gain at least an idea of it what is stored there for many of us at a near future which may prove a blockbuster to the industry just like the Duster had did when it was launched.


Nissan Terrano

At the unveiling ceremony, as it was carried out in the Film shooting studio, Nissan had did an outstanding job to conclude the first look of Terrano. There were three cars placed on the stage and three different sets were created to preview it. Hopefully, without any second thought we just loved the way it was staring to us from the platforms. Those bold headlights, a couple of crease on the bonnet and that massive aggressive stance all over, making it a “number” on the appearance. The front, it was inspired mostly by the layouts of all Nissan big bulky SUVs, namely X-Trail, Patrol and Pathfinder. The vertically chromed v-shaped logs on the grille, very unlikely to the couple of horizontal stance on the Duster, and the mesh type formation of grille on the back are making the Terrano to look aggressive in its best possible avatar. However, the overall looks of the front is not so similar to that of the Duster, but instead its gives in the quite upmarket feel to the vehicle more than what we had expected. Bumpers on front and rear are same to that of the French’s offering, but the first look of the front had eaten up all the efforts of Renault very ‘aggressively’.

Talking about the sides, is remained plain-Jane. Not any of the creases can be found on it. Meanwhile, the gun-finished alloys were tempting to fill up all the lacking very easily. No complaints from that viewpoint even, but we had some of them when we go looking at the third window of the SUV. It was almost similar to that of the Duster. No changes made there, and accompanying that in our drawback list are those bumpers too. They remained unchanged “a bit”.

Nissan Terrano 2013

 ‘Rear’, seems to be smacking so. The not so good and not even so bad response from all the viewers, we had drawn our views in the way as, tail lamps are a delight and razor sharp, but there is needed to be filled in something to oomph out the curves of the French sibling in the utmost. But not even that worst, we give the rear a plight more than ‘five out of ten’ markings for not disappointing us immensely. Well, we expect the Nissan must have sorted something about the ‘spare wheel’ conclusions at the rear, so that something we would have called it a lot different than Duster, but there still remains an opportunity for the Japanese carmaker to give a provision for this in near future. And, that third window must also be changed to square type of shape for suiting some of the spare wheel image when maybe given down at a near future.

2013 Nissan Terrano


Moving onto inside, the door handles gave us the confused feel. But however, we managed to move in and make us feel settled in the cabin there. No changes made to it in terms of ergonomics and others, but cosmetics had been revamped to follow that suit ‘a bit premium than Duster’ very strongly. Finally chrome strips seen on the AC vents and on the door nags, we were relived to feel that pampering performance of the designers at Nissan, clicked ‘fabulous job done’. More to the said suit, they had also given the car a heavy dose of beige which is complementing us, “yes the car is an upmarket in all its true sense.” Improved looks of dashboard is composed to serve the better prospective than the Renault, disappointingly we had to say, new steering wheel on Terrano was not having the music control. It was looking completely blank about such derivations of enhanced features despite being very new in its form. In addition to it, again the same up-stood AC vents on the floor of rear seating row, was disgusting even on the Duster too. Though it is not the functionality which is making us going nasty about it, but its habit of eating up the space for third person in second row cannot be entertained at all.

Nissan Terrano Interiors


However it is being captioned directly on the Duster’s platform and other such facts, the engine specifications also tend to be done with the 1.6 liter petrol engine, and the 1.5 liter diesel engine in two states of tunes. The petrol engine said to be offered with the 101 PS of power and 145 Nm of torque, while the 1.5-litre k9k diesel engine to make debut in the 85 PS, 200 Nm and 110 PS, 248 Nm deal. There is no automatic gearbox as well as 4×4 option on offer right now, but we expect them to come at a near future when the vehicle being slotted peacefully on the comparatively upmarket shelf of fraternity.

Driving experience would be nearly same to that of the Renault Duster, exactly of the SUV in style, not instead the hatchback or sedan, like that of a one in EcoSport.

New Nissan Terrano Back View


Pricing of the Nissan Terrano is officially said to be below the Rs. 10 lakh, but the launch in the first week of festive month October will conclude the best for us all. And need not to be worried, the deliveries are also said to commence from the end of same month itself.

Well, remembered the one question that we had asked in the beginning, “Do anyone need more of the upmarket feel in Duster by just paying a mere ounce of money?” In our answer, it’s ‘yes’ when looking at the works of Nissan retaining the perfection to Indian context. Contradicting to it, the competition will not be less when there it would come face-to-face with the technicalities. However, on the looks and cosmetics we approve 7/10 in the preview here.

Nissan Terrano engine would be near to 2500cc: Exclusive Scoop

Nissan Terrano is caught without any camouflage two days prior to the unveiling, but the sources close to us said, “engine specifications may not do with the Renault’s Duster 1.5L displacements”. Instead, Japanese carmaker would use some of the “2.5L displacements” or its “nearby calculations” to conclude the most. Though, the source from where we got this set of news is one of the Nissan’s service center executive, who is holding a key positions in the company, and is about to receive the training on same at a near future.

Well, as per to our specifications it may happen that Nissan would use the X-Trail’s engine also in the bay of Terrano if found lucrative for the costing context. But still our expectations remain on some dark clouds of the industry which will be revealed tomorrow as said.

Hope so, if Renault’s Duster rival Nissan Terrano may use the ‘said engine’ in its bay, then it is for sure the French Wine is going is soon going to face some of the strong hicks in its smooth sales flow which it is being quite addicted to for quite a long time. And looking at the aggressiveness of the Japanese carmaker for Indian market, it seems possible for them having something like this stiff rivaling curve in their kitty.

Nissan Terrano
So guys stay glued to us, we expect Nissan to make the most of it at the near future for its Terrano being engulfed with the larger than expected 2.0L or its elder engine sibling in bay.

Two Nissan Terranos Spied Back-to-Back

It was just yesterday when we had posted the fraying image of Nissan Terrano, which is soon going to rival Renault Duster in an aggressive note. Now this morning we had received one more spy shot of it, making us to do the describing job once again.

No to issues, with respect to the spy image, it seems the Nissan is quite conscious about the spies roaming in the nearby areas of R&D so the officials had always maintained a legacy of the test vehicles being covered in camouflage. Hence, not any of the new sneak peeks can be gained from it.

Hope so, the whole global media is hyping this particular news on their respective channels, it becomes mandatory from the end of carmaker to arrange this sort of restrictions in their R&D facility. Well, the most interesting piece of news is that, the spy shot bestows both the test mules of Terrano together just “back-to-back”; it means the testing is going to conclude the results very truthfully and as well very accurately.

Two Nissan Terranos
There is not any of the information on the technical specifications, but the unveiling ceremony on 20th August 2013 will conclude it all at the best.

Till then it is advisable to hold your breath and let the clock tick faster than usual. We too are eager for it to be unveiled soon.

Nissan Terranos Spied Back-to-Back

Courtesy:  Turbos and Pistonz

Nissan Terrano caught once again in spy shots prior to 20th August unveiling

Nissan Terrano is no doubt going to shed the camouflages on 20th August 2013, as what the official worlds had said us. But to make the temperature of Indian auto industry sore, one of the latest set of spy shots had emerged on internet which is claiming more of the galore before the unveiling ceremony.

However, regulars here may know what the Terrano means to Nissan, but for the occasional visitors it is the Duster based sibling of the Japanese carmaker which is an outcome of the Nissan-Renault alliance. Hence, the Duster being claimed as one of the most outselling product throughout the world, Nissan also decided to jump into the fray with the similar sort of model plate and have its piece of cake for the market of desirable Japanese engineering.

Well, coming to the spy shots convection, it is learnt the recently caught test mules are no different than the previous ones, and are usually spiriting the bit different looks than Duster. The rear and front fascia are completely tweaked but it is learnt the interiors may opt more than the original work, and would pinch the customer additionally by Rs. 40,000 (approx) than Duster.

Nissan Terrano caught once again in spy shots
However, the camouflage doesn’t seem getting shredded on the test mules, it is clear that the new curves on metal sheet are expected to bring in fortunes to the carmaker. Well, it will be got to know only when the Nissan will launch it near the festive season with the best-in-segment price.

Till the launch happens, one can send us their speculated price of Terrano via comments.

Nissan Terrano

Image Courtesy: Anything on Wheels